Garbage Book Club-Launch!

If you know me then you know I love to read. I'm hoping that you do to, because LOOK OUT here come the BOOKS!! Here! These are sort of categorized by subject but in no particular order. I'd love to do a guided reading of a couple of these, but for now, here are the... Continue Reading →

Do you STILL have a Christmas Tree?

Not judging, but some of us keep our Christmas Trees around way longer than we should. And so what? The trees smell nice, look pretty, and remind us of the holidays. They’re also heavy and hard to carry out the door. However, when we finally realize that it’s now late-February and there is still tinsel... Continue Reading →

The Garbage Life Chose Me

Hi, I’m Natalie. You can call me The Garbage Girl. Why? Mainly because I don’t want anyone to be confused as to what this is all about. Contemporary American culture promotes a system of rapid material extraction and discard in order to achieve some prescribed level of material wealth and happiness. This is all fine... Continue Reading →

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