Garbage Book Club-Launch!

If you know me then you know I love to read. I’m hoping that you do to, because LOOK OUT here come the BOOKS!!


These are sort of categorized by subject but in no particular order. I’d love to do a guided reading of a couple of these, but for now, here are the top 5 books from this list that you need to read to get in touch with your trashy academic side.


Top 5 Books

1.  “Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash”, Edward Humes

This is the perfect introduction to garbage, and it’s the first on this list for a reason. Touching on numerous trashy topics, Edward Humes writes in a clear, easy to understand tone. You’ll never think about garbage the same way again.

2. “Picking Up: On the Streets and Behind the Trucks with the Sanitation Workers of New York City”, Robin Nagel

If you loved reading about the people involved in the waste industry in “Garbology”, then “Picking Up” by Robin Nagel is the obvious next step. This woman JOINED the New York Sanitation Department in order to learn more about it, and her journey to and from there is absolutely worth the read.

3.  “The Story of Stuff: How Our Obsession with Stuff is Trashing the Planet, Our Communities, and our Health- and a Vision for Change”, Annie Leanard

If you’re tired from reading the first two books, then you’re in luck because Annie Leanard has made “The Story of Stuff” an easily accessible YouTube video. From the original classic to newly updated mini-series, this book/video will teach you about WHY we consume so much, and how we can stop.

4. “Plastic: A Toxic Love Story” Susan Freinkel

This book is for the person who’s constantly asking, “Can this be recycled?” Susan Freinkel goes into the history of plastics, chemical makeup of our most-used products, and their impact on our health. If you microwave your lunch in plastic containers, this book is a must-read.

5. “The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time”, Dr. Paul Connett

Now that you’re all sad about the state of the world, I’ll advise you to read “The Zero Waste Solution” to regain the pep in your step. As the title implies, this book is all about solutions and success stories in creating Zero Waste companies, communities, and cities all over the world.

Real book are great, but for even less impact try out an e-reader!

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