The Garbage Life Chose Me

Hi, I’m Natalie. You can call me The Garbage Girl. Why? Mainly because I don’t want anyone to be confused as to what this is all about.


Contemporary American culture promotes a system of rapid material extraction and discard in order to achieve some prescribed level of material wealth and happiness. This is all fine and good except that we live on a single planet of finite resources. There’s also that pesky trend that connects GDP growth with resource extraction. Basically a recipe for planetary destruction.

And I contribute to this issue! I drive a car, I buy new clothes, I’ve been known to take home leftovers in Styrofoam boxes, and make only a minimal effort to live a Pinterest approved Zero Waste lifestyle.

Bea Johnson and Lauren Singer, please email me. I need help. P.S. If you don’t know what this mason jar full of trash is, don’t worry, we’ll get there.

But back to garbage- why? Every person on this planet creates garbage, and every person is affected by it in some way. Garbage creates a context where I can discuss public health, economics, sociology, culture, mass media, the environment, science, history, international relations, human rights, art, and of course, our one and only finite planet.

If any of these sound interesting to you, please come back periodically to see what’s new on the blog. I’ll discuss recycling and composting, reduction and redesign, the Zero Waste movement and lifestyle, and maybe even throw in a book club or movie night here and there. If I can really get my act together, there will be some interviews with professional garbage people. Fun!

I might be really bad at this writing thing, but I do have the garbage part under control. Thanks for reading, sharing, and following, and I look forward to seeing you again soon! :

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