GogoBags: Review

Reducing waste can be as easy as replacing single-use items in your life with reusable ones. The ubiquitous plastic bag can be hard to avoid but their negative impact on the environment cannot be ignored. Bringing a cloth tote the grocery store is a good way to replace shopping bags, but what about snack sized baggies or produce bags? Problem, meet solution.

Photo courtesy of GogoBags

GogoBags makes several different styles of zero waste reusable bags, perfect for storing snacks, going on a hike, travel, and grocery shopping. They’re also handmade in Canada! One of their founders, Anahita, was kind enough to send me two types of their bags and they 100% exceeded expectations.

Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags

I went on a lunch & hike to Bravo Lake near Sequoia National park to test how well the bags stayed closed in my backpack. The snack sized bag held onto my roasted almonds without leaking at all. I was convinced that I would open my backpack to find it full of loose almonds, but the fold-over snack bag held its own and worked perfectly.



I didn’t have a sandwich to put into the sandwich sized bag, but I did have half of a burrito. I carried this veggie burrito in my backpack for at least another three hours before making it back to civilization, and my burrito stayed delicious. I don’t recommend putting anything too wet or soggy into these bags (they’re lined with cotton, so they’re not waterproof), but if your food is between slices of bread or wrapped in a tortilla you’ll be fine.


Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Don’t tell my mom, but she is getting these for Christmas this year. The mesh bags are plenty big enough to carry loose produce and come in BRIGHT pink and white. These bags are laundry friendly and durable. My chef friend cautioned me against using them to carry meat products because of possible cross-contamination with your fruits and vegetables, but luckily I’m a vegetarian.


Oh, and they come with a drawstring prevent your food from spilling all over the place. I use so many produce bags at the grocery store because I eat a plant-based diet, so these will definitely come in handy. As you can see, I loaded these up with heavy items (oranges, potatoes), and they did great with all that weight- I definitely got a workout taking this photo.

These are on Sale RIGHT NOW!

GogoBags is having a 12 Days of Christmas sale starting TODAY, December 1st through December 12th. Each day, one of their products is on sale. Did I mention that they also sell cloth toothbrush cases, bread bags, and fridge friendly bags among others? Get some for yourself, get some for your friends, and enjoy a Zero Waste holiday 🙂

GogoBags Website: https://www.gogobags.ca/shop/

Amazon Links to products that I reviewed:

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags
Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags

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